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About Us

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Conditions for the use

The purpose of creating our web site - creating a powerful Internet resource containing the base drivers for the computer equipment from leading manufacturers. We make every effort to provide you with accurate and reliable information, but at the same time does not exclude the possibility of errors.

The administration site Dai driver! allows you to use the materials at this site in accordance with these Сonditions. If you visited our site and used the information on this website, this fact signifies your agreement to these Сonditions.

Site administration Dai driver! reserves the right without notice to change any content of this site (including the Сonditions).

Use of materials

All information, software, photographs, text, video, audio, images and other materials posted on this site are provided solely for noncommercial purposes.

Use of site materials is allowed provided that:

- materials are used solely for informational and non-commercial purposes;
- materials does not change;
- link on the source - the mandatory write the active working links to our site Dai driver!;
- if there is the authorship of any material, should indicate the author of this material in a reprint;
- when a reprint of materials, publications and articles in any media, as well as placing them on any other Internet sites, was obtained copyright permission.

Use of information materials for any other purpose may result in civil or criminal liability and a violation of Russian and international law.


The materials on this site Dai driver! are posted "as is" without any warranty applicable to their use of any kind.

Administration of the site Dai driver! under any circumstances be liable for any damages, including direct damage and lost profits resulting from:

- download any software available on this site,
- use of information and any other materials presented on this site,

regardless of whether you warned or no to the administration of the site the possibility of such damages.

Also, the administration ddriver.info not responsible for the change, edited or deleted any information that added by you on this website or other related projects.

Advertise on this site

To cover the costs of traffic, work of server, the site posted promotional materials. Thus, we provide you with technical support and availability of the site. Advertising can be in the form of contextual banner ads, pop-up banners, active links, etc. The content of these promotional materials is determined by advertisers. We tried to keep track of not qualitative Advertising and get rid of its use.

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