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About Us

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Rules of conduct on our site

I. General notions

Forum - is a form of communication on the site Dai driver!. Communicate is organized in sections, topics which are created by users (authors). The answers to these questions and further discussion is carried of all other users by the forum.

User – any registered visitor of our site Dai driver!.

Administrators, Moderators – a Users of Forum Dai driver!, tracking the order at the Forum and the observance of these Rules of Conduct at the Forum.

Flood – is placing the same type of information in several forum topics, one recurring phrases, symbols, letters, words, identical image files, or simply repeated short messages. Also, a flood is posting messages on the forum have no relation to the subject matter (subject, topic).

Spam – a mass mailing of commercial, political and other advertising, or creating other types of messages. Also, Spam is considered writing links to other Internet resources. Affiliation to the category of spam links is determined solely by the Administration or the moderator of this resource, and non-negotiable.

II. Registration on our site!

1. Registration on site is a prerequisite for messaging on the forum!

2. Register should only be if you're going to create anything at the Forum, or leave a comment.

3. It should be noted that inactive users are removed every month!

4. Prohibited in the name or nick the user to use the word is offensive, sexual and other non-normative nature! Is also strictly forbidden to create an account name or username that contains the word "Administrator"," Admin ","Moderator"," Dai driver", "driver" etc. in any word forms that can confuse visitors, because to belong to the management of this resource.

5. Information sections of Account such as "signature", "Hobbies" shall not contain advertisements, links to other sites, erotic or pornographic content, as well as any other information that violates these rules.

6. To display these options, the profile information for all communications users (forum topics, replies to it, comments, guest book, etc.) requires that a registered user rating was above the threshold set by the administrator. At any time, resource administration can change this level.

7. In case of violation, the user profile is deleted, re-registration (even under a different username) is also considered a violation.

III. All that is forbidden to do on our site!

1. Communication on the forum in a language other than English (except for quotes and provided the author of this quote, as well as well-known proverbs and sayings in their original language).

2. Any political or religious propaganda.

3. Any advocacy of violence, racism and overt nationalism, incite ethnic and religious hatred, insulting the players because of their race and religion.

4. Any form of propaganda of, discussion or mention of drugs and other psychotropic drugs.

5. Any advertising, propaganda of pornography, regardless of its type.

6. Use of profanity (cursing, veiled mate, slang) to other users or simply unaddressed.

7. Insulting Users in any form.

8. Insult of the project, the Administration or moderators, in any form.

9. The threat of violence in real life, no matter against whom the threat is directed.

10. Intentional / unintentional dissemination of information relating to sexual and / or genital area of another person to give him moral and spiritual suffering sexual harassment.

11. Disclosure of confidential information (address, phone number and other data from real-life Users of the project Dai driver).

12. Writing one or all of the words in message to UPPERCASE (CapsLock), abuse FloaTiNng letters, symbols pseudo graphics. The exception is abbreviations and words that, according to the spelling must begin with an uppercase letter (the name or the first word in a sentence).

13. Flood, Spam.

14. Advertise malicious links, as well as an indication of the order of actions that lead eventually to a malicious link.

15. Advertising Referral links.

16. Advertise others websites.

17. Panhandling in any form.

18. Discussion and condemnation of the actions of the Administration.

19. Any action, directly or indirectly, by interfering in work of the Administration and Moderators.

20. Creating topics with content that violates the rules of partition / does not match the theme of the section (Offtopic).

21. Prohibits the establishment of similar themes in different sections of the forum - it will be seen as Flood. If you make a mistake and created a topic in the wrong section, write a private message to moderator of this section with an explanation of this error, it will move your topic into the desired section.

22. Forbidden to create themes and messages which include the large percentage of UPPERCASE letters (Caps Lock). Respect for their interlocutors, they may be a view that you yell at them. In some cases, this right can use the Administration forum.

23. Forbidden to create a theme or message in the forum, which highlighting, different from the primary color of text messages offline. Allowed to allocate only a few key words to gain meaning of the message. In any case, the Administration reserves the right to edit such messages.

24. Forbidden to the excessive use of emoticons in the message. Such messages are very hard to read.

25. The forum is forbidden to write, sign and edit posts (your own or others') on behalf of developers and support portal users who do not have rights to these actions. Punishable by an immediate blocking of your account.

26. Categorically prohibits the publication of cracks, key generators, serial numbers, pirated intellectual property (software, books, databases, media production), as well as the provision of such information. Also, prohibited links to sites with similar content.

All messages from the listed categories will be strictly removed without any notice to the author. Also, users, offenders will be removed from the forum. The severity of the violation is assessed only the administration and not to be discussed!

IV. No recommended action

On the site's forum Dai driver! Users are not encouraged to do the following:

1. Write to Administration of website (through the internal mail or email) that you wrote a message on the forum. Send a message with a link to any post in the forum without proper explanation to this link.

2. Informing the Administration of the site about your problems with computer equipment. To do this, there is a forum - there and write. Frankly, the administration of a site does not interest the solution to your problem, which you reported by this method. Write on the forum about the faults on the common grounds. If we need something to clarify or inform you, then we ourselves will contact you.

3. Accompany your posts phrases like "an urgent need driver ...", "Send me drivers by email...", "And what, then nobody can help me or something ..." etc. All the answers to these questions will be given ONLY in the last turn or ignored, or such messages will be deleted.

Messages sent via email, internal post or posts on the forum that fall under the specified category are removed by the administrator, are ignored or treated in the last turn.

V. General provisions and recommendations of the Forum

1. Try to make less spelling and syntax errors. Try to use common, understandable terms for each user and avoid the "tough jargon". First of all, it will affect your reputation and reduce the number of answers to your questions.

2. Write posts in a good mood! Bring joy to the people!

3. In the right question contained 50% response. Correct and clear question, You will understand better the subject of conversation, to better explain to other users, what kind of help waiting and, thus, quickly get the answer. Prepare clearly answer the following questions:
- what is the problem?
- that you have already taken to solve it that failed?
- why do not fit the standard ways to solve?
- that you have read on the subject that you do not understand?
- what assistance do you expect from other participants in the debate?

4. Think short and meaningful name topic. Usually, in the message subject inscribe keywords. Do not rush to call a forum topic by the expressions "Urgent !!!"," Help! " or "Very simple question." Faced with such a theme, visitors can immediately evaluate the message as senseless, that reduces the chance to quickly get a meaningful answer. Threads with meaningless names and the meager contents will simply be removed - write meaningful!

5. Before creating a new topic, make sure that similar topics are not there. If such a theme already established by someone else, but it does not answer your question, simply continue an existing topic, ask your question there.

6. Before you post a message in the forum, you must ensure that the issue was not submitted to the Articles. Try running a Search on the site and the forums, in particular with the use of keywords. It may well be that this issue had been discussed earlier. So you can get an answer much faster! Spend ten minutes on a separate search for the answer - it's better than a day to get a lone reply with a link to a topic that was discussed last week.
In addition, other visitors will be not delighted by reading identical questions asked every week. Yes, and you eventually come to the same conclusion. Are more questions than answers, so let's not multiply the questions without the need!
If, however, and the site search returned no results, try to search by public search engines. Yandex and Google more than once rescued us! They will benefit you as well.

7. If the question concerns the order of 2 or more sections, you should not write at all, it is enough to ask your question in one of them. Double topics will be removed. Creation of similar themes in different forums is forbidden! It will be interpreted as flooding. If you make a mistake and created a topic in the wrong forum, please private message a Moderator of this section with an explanation of this error, it will move your topic to the correct forum. Know that the work of moderators and administration site begins primarily with the removal of debris from the site, flooding, spamming. Also, the Administration of site should lead all messages in a readable form. Therefore, because of stupid duplication of questions, first of all you're losing your time. Well, your time is nothing for you it is not necessary, but appreciate the time other users.

8. Write all your thoughts and questions in one message, and do not stretch to a dozen or two. Understand that this is very much violates the readability of the forum. Such messages will be combined into a single message, or simply will be removed entirely by the administrator.

9. If you ever have discussed his problem in the forum, and now you want to discuss it again, you do not need to do to create a new topic - just continue with their previous one. All of your posts on the forum can be found in your profile!

10. When creating a new topic, make sure you put it in a section on relevant topics. Create a theme with the title, reflecting the essence of your question or message. Write in your question the following information:
- used by the OS;
- model of PC, notebook, motherboard, etc.;
- ID hardware devices that require drivers (read the article);
- details your problem.

11. You should understand the specifics of this form of communication, as the Forum, and properly understand of its difference from chat, ICQ, phone. In the forum all the messages are stored indefinitely, while chatting they exist only for a few hours. Therefore, in the forum create messages that represent not momentary interest (especially for individual participants), and the messages that will be interesting to read all the visitors and a few months after they were written.

12. Be aware that any posts on the forum can be edited by the administrator or moderators. Editing posts is require for comfortable perception of messages to other users. Also, the right kind of message is required for successful works of Internet search engines.

VI. Once the question asked

1. If your question was received by a useful, comprehensive response, not too lazy to leave a message on the forum in charge of the resulting response. This will not only be nice to the person who helped you, but also helps other forum members to find the most interesting and useful discussions. Remember that our website can visit other users with the same problem. These users will be very important to know, did you like this advice.

2. If your hard question no one could give an answer, but you have found the solution yourself, put the correct answer in the forum! It will be interesting to know the other participants. Your answer will not be lost and will serve people in good stead.

3. If you still have not received an answer to your question, no need to publish it again. The second topic will be removed by moderators. In this case, better answer to your post yourself, and in this report describe additional information about the problem. It will raise the topic up and give you another chance to get an answer. Remember that the Forum has anyone to anything not oblige! Nobody and nothing to option holders for you!

VII. Recommendations of the readers and the users who answers questions

1. If you answer, as when writing a new message, pay attention to filling the field of the message. This will help other readers navigate the answers when searching for relevant information.

2. Readers! If you've read the message and think that it may seem interesting to others - put the estimate to the author.

3. Replying to a message written in a rough tone, try to move the discussion in a friendly atmosphere. Do not forget that in some cases, the best response is silence.

4. Do not pay attention to the provocations. Do not tease those who behave unethically on the forums. The lack of attention immediately brings the discussion to not, and do not answer them in kind, even if you feel that you have insulted. Else - caring moderator. If you still cannot help it - use the PM, Email, ICQ, or other means of personal correspondence.

VIII. Different usefulness

1. Respect other users, moderators, administrators.

2. Remember, everyone has their own time, personal life. We all have just as you have holidays, birthday, wedding ... If no one has replied to you at the Forum, then simply do not have time. No message will remain unanswered.

3. You can view your personal profile on the site "Dai driver!" and see all of your posts on the forum. This will facilitate your search for your own topics and replies in the Forum.

4. This article will include links to frequently asked questions on the Forum.

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